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Hello everyone I am Amelia Marga X.  Brouckaert from year 10. 

Hiiii I’m Charlotte and I am the new Head of Information, so my job is to make sure you know what’s happening in the school through our WeChat account!!!

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I’m Frederike Su from E9-2 and my position is the Head of Middle School. I’m very open to insights and suggestions from middle school students about upcoming activities, so feel free to come and find me any time! I would be able to effectively communicate these ideas within student council.

hi guys my name is Jessy and i’m the secretary of the student council 🤍
I handle the budget and financials for stuco…feel free to talk to me anytime if you ever see me in school ‍♀️

I’m Vinci currently the head of sports in the student council. I’m passionate about sports, and especially volleyball. I’m willing to spend time on organizing sports and devote time into what I’m eager to accomplish.

Nora Liu from Taiwan🤩
is Head of art and design in Stu Co🥰veryyyy artistic